Hypoallergenic: Yes

Life span: 12 x 15 years

Higher classification: Dog

Temperament: Gay, Fearless, Hardy, Active, Intelligent, Assertive

Weight: Male: 6–8 kg, Female: 6–8 kg

Height: Male: 25–33 cm, Female: 23–30 cm


Stripping is necessary for the Cairn in order to keep his coat in good and healthy condition and emphasize the alert gamey appearance of his breed.


  1. Pluck dead hairs from the neck and trim the new ones slightly. Take off more if your dog is inclined to be heavy or coarse through the neck.
  2. Pluck dead hairs and trim the new coat – not closely, but enough to give a level back line.
  3. Trim neck and brisket slightly. too much hair in this area detracts from the dog`s quick, active appearance.
  4. Trim shoulders of bumpy or patchy places. Leave somewhat shaggy but not profuse.
  5. Trim sides of body to follow body conformation.
  6. Trim upper parts of thigh slightly. Leave hair longer and shaggier on lower part, just above the hock joint.
  7. The tail should be bushy but not too shaggy. Trim hair, leaving somewhat thick at base and working it slightly finer toward tip. Do not leave any hairs that make the tail appear longer than it is.
  8. Trim those hairs from the stern that give a bunchy appearance, but do not remove fringe. Take the hair out closest where the tail joins the stern.
  9. Enough hair should be trimmed from the skull so that about one half of the ear stands clear.
  10. Hair around cheek should be trimmed slightly to follow the conformation of the head.
  11. The backs and sides of the ears should be trimmed absolutely free of long hair. Straighten edges with scissors.
  12. Feet should be shaped to roundness with scissors.

– The Pet Library Ltd